XFIT is one of the largest chains of fitness clubs
The XFIT franchise is available in three formats:
XFIT Point: automated mini-halls without staff from 120 sq. m.
XFIT Studio: small fitness clubs without a pool with an area of 500 sq. m.
XFIT: full-length fitness clubs from 2000 sq. m. with or without a pool
The fitness business is becoming more and more popular among entrepreneurs, including due to a number of advantages:
- start of the project from 3 months;
- investments from 111 thousand $;
- profitability of 20-30%;
- payback period of 2 years;
- interesting business about health;
-growing market and high demand;
- necessary and useful product for customers;
- the ability to run several parallel businesses at once in one project: fitness, spa, healthy food cafe, retail.
XFIT offers franchisees a turnkey fitness business model, startup assistance, technology, and a well-established brand.
→ Open your XFIT fitness club: an interesting and beautiful health business supported by a strong international brand.


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