Osteria Mario

Casual Italian restaurants
Salty wind, hot sun, sweet cinnamon buns, strong ristretto, juice of ripe tomatoes, stunning fragrance of orange trees in bloom – this is the smell of Italy. The Italy we have brought to the very heart of Moscow. Pasta, pizza, Tiramisu, seafood, cheeses and bruschettas – the most beloved Italian dishes – truly delicious coffee and waiters you will want to be friends with.
Osteria Mario offers the most favoured Italian dishes, such as true Roman pizza, thin pizza, cacciucco (a spicy tomato soup with seafood), mussels in white wine, fragrant pasta and risotto powdered with parmigiano, Caprese with sweet tomatoes, strong ristretto to help you come round after a hearty meal and, of course, Tiramisu with dark chocolate curls. Children love pizza and pasta, so we have made a special menu for them.


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