Coffee BOOM

International coffeehouse chain operator
Coffee BOOM is the most recognized coffeehouse brand in Kazakhstan, which dates back to 2010. Over the 12 years of existence, the company has undergone rapid development in all areas: we opened a production facility of products and semi-finished products, launched "Sweets Labs", created a staff training system and our own online university, and launched a delivery service.

Today the Coffee BOOM chain is present in three countries: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Russia and it's preparing to open in Kyrgyzstan. The total number of coffeehouses exceeds 70, and by the end of 2023 we intend to exceed 100 coffeehouses.

Impeccable reputation combined with a wide range of dishes and affordable prices make Coffee BOOM facilities an ideal place for meetings with family and friends, business negotiations with business partners and romantic dates. This is confirmed by the statistics: every month more than 1 million people visit our coffeehouses.

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